Monday, February 06, 2006


Image hosting by PhotobucketOh shit!
The roommate Jason told me about this fun site thingy where you upload your pic and see what celeb you resemble. I have some wacky results. In a nutshell, I mostly look like chicks! I'm so girly! Well anyways, I can't suffer alone, so I uploaded some friends of mine to share the laughs with. Sometimes I uploaded more than one pic, just to be fair.

Face Recognition Results:

Frank - Demi Moore (66%), Keira Knightley (62%),....(scrolled till I got to a male match) Laurence Fishburne (49%), & Johnny Depp (44%). 2nd pic: John Cusack (63%), Jane Fonda (62%), Robert DeNiro (55%) 3rd pic: Lee Kuan Yew (68%), Hilary Duff (68%), Alec Baldwin (67%).

Jason - 1st pic: Shahrukh Khan (65%), Ewan McGregor (58%), Angelina Jolie (49%). 2nd pic: Hilary Swank (61%), Ritchie Valens (59%), Alyson Hannigan (53%).

Devon - Jennifer Connelly (61%), Jack Lemmon (61%), [WFT?! This is totally the same pic!!! This system has to be flawed. hehe), Chelsea Clinton (56%). 2nd pic: Christopher Reeve (63%), Mira Sorvino (61%), Eminem (61%), 3rd pic: Barbara Steisand (60%),

Sean - Jean-Pierre Raffarin (62%), Robert Schumann (56%), Micheal J. Fox (53%), 2nd pic: Keanu Reeves (72%), Abhishek Bachchan (72%), Uri Gellar (69%). 3rd pic: Rudolph Valentino (66%), Christina Ricci (61%),

Becky - Sophia Loren (69%), John Lemmon (65%), Jason Biggs (62%), Avril Lavigne (58%)

Megan - Dennis Quad (72%), Joan Baez (70%), Julia Roberts (66%).

Mark - Stefan Raab (70%), Jan Peter Balkenende (48%), Enya (44%)

Jami - Pervez Musharraf (64%), Penelope Cruz (62%), Scarlett Johansson (60%) 2nd pic: Naomi Watts (71%), Lucy Liu (68%), Aretha Franklin (64%),

Erin/Aaron Moubry: Sigourney Weaver (51%), Katie Holmes (50%), Beyonce Knowles (43%).

My Sister, Christina - Angelina Jolie (71%), Jennifer Aniston (70%), Sandra Bullock (68%), 2nd pic: Bipasha Besu (71%), Elisha Cuthbert (70%), Shania Twain (56%).

Emily L - Judy Garland (70%), Meg Ryan (66%), Condoleeza Rice (63%).

Oddly enough. The only person that had one gender as their results was my Sis. Second place goes to Erin. She only had men in a low percentage.

Wow... I don't have as many pics of people like I used to have. Damn Computer!!! argh! On a sidenote: I have alot of self-pics!! seriously! I guess they help with the self-esteem or something. And you people know how much I have of that!

This celebrity thing isn't ever going to get old.

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Blogger Jason said...

Okay, I now firmly believe that this entire thing is a crock.

When your pictures of me get a cross between "Ewan McGregor & Angelina Jolie" (whee, terribly flattering) while mine get me "Neve Campbell + Elijah Wood 4EVA", you know something is crazy wrong with the system.

But screw it, from now on I will tell everyone that I am indeed the missing love child of Madame Jolie and Ewan.

Because the Internet told me it was so. And the Internet, she no lies.

4:01 PM  

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