Friday, February 03, 2006


Someone brought this to my attention. I think it's a cause for panic.

Exhibit A: My hairah

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It's pretty good, eh? I know! I was thinking about a haircut soon, but if it looks this good at midnight, just think how awesomed-out it looks in the daytime. Those are some good hair genes there. My Mom's hair is a curley mess, but my Dad's was great. He was part of that whole 70s blown out hair era. [Secret confession: My Dad's favorite song back then was "Dancing Queen"] I definitely get my hair from him. Damn, that's quality hair!

Exhibit B: Kate Moss' jacket

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AHHHHH! Somewhere Kate Moss was stalking my childhood barbers and stealing my hair to make a jacket! I knew my hair was high fashion, but damn Kate! Way to pull a Cruella Deville on me, bitch! I might be getting a haircut like in a month or so... do you need a matching handbag? Call me.

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