Sunday, February 19, 2006


Image hosting by Photobucket Just an enumeration of situations that Frank just cannot stand [in no particular order].

Semantics: I know I'm the last person to judge someone's rhetoric abilities, but seriously people. I do not mind when terminology is created in a specific setting to make conversing easier in said setting, but leave your made up words in the place you found them! When you use lingo that no one understands, you don't get your statement/point across. People get confused. Case in Point, adding popular suffixes to a word doesn't always work. It's just a word you made up! Stop making words with 'ology' connected to the end of them.

Pronounciation: In society today, people put much emphasis on this topic. It is especially significant when immigrants come to a new atmosphere where the lingustic scheme is distinctive. Speaking in a perfect native accent is a valuable asset to have in any given culture. So I ask all the people who are not patient with people of diverse tongues... to go to hell. Damn you people! There's a double standard, kids! If you are one of these people who can't stand people with foreign accents, then I probably hate you. People who are even somewhat bilingal are some of the most intelligent people in the world. Ugh. Poo on you for making fun of someone for something you practiced since birth. [On a side note: I find it appauling to know that majority of the people who do this, also cannot pronounce the non-English words to goods/services they consume and promote everyday.]

Presumptions: Having a Psychology bacholers degree sucks sometimes. I know what you're all thinking. "What, whaa?! But having a basic understanding of human behavior and cognition is like the most valuable tool to have in any society!" That's all good and all, but I'm talking about the most ineviable question ALL psych people get... you know...
Guy A: Hey, what was your major?
Guy B: I majored in Psychology.
Guy A: So are you analyzing me now?!
Guy B: ...
Seriously, we hate that! The only way one can tolerate it is when used as a cheesy pickup line. And even then, if you're not hot/cute don't use it!! So the next time someone asks me that, I'm going to reply "Yeah, I'm analyzing my foot in your ass right now! Do you mind if I use you in an ethnographic case study later?! Sign this consent confirmation form, bitch!"

That all my grievances for now, but I'm sure to add more later. I like to complain.

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