Thursday, February 16, 2006


Image hosting by Photobucket So I'm watching the new season of American Idol, as I usually do and something strikes me as particular. One of the Idol contestants, Lisa Tucker looks exactly like a friend of mine! AHH! The resemblance is uncanny, for serious. But don't take my word for it, you be the judge. Oh man, Davenna is on American Idol!! cools!

In other frank news, it seems like we have yet another creepy house on the street I live on. It's no long just one creepy house, it's two! And they are across the street from eachother. Sooo scary. So first of all there's the usual spooky cult/church house on the corner of Cabell (my street) and Haskell. Weird people come there at all hours and have insaciable thirst for bottled water and cheap beer. They are a cross between hippies-granola mother Earth semi-goths and rednecks. Anyways, the house across from them is now, according to me, also insane.
So here's the thing. I was walking home from a long day of babysitting some brats [Oh man. seriously. If you are in the 4th grade why would you wanna play outside with the kindergardeners? Stick with your own kind, people! And dont' come crying to me that you made a mistake about choosing to play with the kindergardener cause they won't leave you alone! You made your bed, lay in it! You do realize that by bothering you, they are not bothering me... and you want me to switch that?! Whateva! Deal.].
Image hosting by Photobucket Oh yeah, so I saw this boy/girl [re:??] who had a shaved head, a neon orange headband, a black dress and sneakers walks out of the house to take out the trash.... sighs.

I think it's time for a move. I've always loved the fact that the little alcove I live in was so secluded from the creepiness that is only two streets down. But a whole new scary factor is growing in my neighboorhood. And I rather live near normal oddities like crack houses/ boarded up gas stations than the redneck-hippie cult that is now invading my street.

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Blogger Davenna said...

Shhh...thats supposed to be on the downlow...hahaha...I love you Frank!! You pretty much are the best person I met out of Band...haha..

3:44 PM  

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