Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ugh, worst weekend ever! Seriously!

So anyways, the roommate was outta town and I had the place all to myself and like a fool this is the time I decide to go home and visit the family. Yeah, I know! What was I thinking?! I deserve anything bad situation that comes my way for making that hideous decision.. whatever.

We started my crappy weekend by going to visit a sick relative in the hospital. Sound cool, enough? yeah.. We were in a car accident on the way there!


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It totally wasn't cool. We were on Oak Lawn heading south [??] and this huge SUV turns into the street and totally smashed us in the side. And I remembered from some commerical, it's good to take pics of the accident! TV is so informative! So all the pics in this post are authentic.
Turns out, he's an out-of-towner. My first thought was Houston [ugh, I hate Houston] but he was actually from San Antonio [re: Houston's step-child!]. ARGH!
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The funny part was that he was like flaming gay... and the police officer that came was also flaming gay... The gays are like everywhere.

Anyways, that was my insane weekend. Even though we didn't get hurt, I'm still freaked out. So if I'm ever riding in a vehicle with you and I start yelling Bloody Murder it's not that you're a bad driver.. I'm just crazy.

The only good that came out of my 'Weekend o Terror' was that I played with the family dog, Falcor!!! woot. Isn't he cute!!?!
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Someone needs to be groomed! Yes, he does! In his defense, these pics were taken in the morning. He had a severe case of bed head. hehe.

yeah, I've decided to make a dramatization of the whole car accident event using my awesomely-awesome animation skillz [with a 'z']. So look for it on the blog later tonight if not tommorrow. I'm like spending a bunch of time on this so I expect nothing less than a dozen red Sunflowers [Frank's favorite type of flower, for future reference] at my doorstep.

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