Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Media Tuesday

Image hosting by Photobucket Why not have a Media Tuesday?! It's a cool idea right? Offering some of my favorite media to my favorite people--my blogging audience!

That's right, I love you guys! And you love me more.

Anywho, I started watching this show starring Tori Spelling. It's like a scripted-reality sort of thing. It's all about her realizing she's a spoiled, bad actress that everyone hates and makes fun of all the time. I haven't decided if I like it yet. It's like on the cusp of being absolutely hilarious. I want some feedback kids. So all you peeps with high-speed LAN connections better download this. There's 3 episodes so far. This is the first one.


If you like this alot, I have more. the next episodes are funner. We can arrange something.

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