Sunday, March 12, 2006

Frank fleeing town

Image hosting by Photobucketfor Spring Break, hells yeah.

I'm going to my Dad's in South Texas. And you know what that entails. Free booze, Mexico and South Padre Island! These past months have been so hard on me. I've had much to deal with, and I'm glad that I get this chance to not worry about anything. So I have a week of fun, then I go back to my stressful life.

On my return, I'll have pictures and stories. You kids finally get to see my many, many siblings. There will also be movie reviews. And, as promised, I'll bring the 'TMI' back in the blog a bit. [Here's a sneak peek of some info: Frank has a new love interest! Yes, I'm shocked too. Who knew there was life after being dumped?]

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