Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Alcoholic Days (re: daze)

Geez, no wonder my favorite drink of Diet Coke and everclear knocks me on my ass!

Next time, I'll just take shots. I should be safe then.
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The roommate Jason and I had a martini excursion on Friday. The Devon was at camp (lame) and we needed something to do and the Oak Lawn Goody-Goody is on the way to Blockbuster. [By the way, this was the first time I didn't get carded in a liquor store! Except for that time I went to the Greenville Goody-Goody like 5 times in one weekend... they know me there] Anyways, we experimented with all different kinds of martinis:

Vodka Martini: 3-part vodka, 1-part vermouth, olive. Very alcoholic. It took me like an hour to finish one!
Dirty Martini: 2-part vodka, 2-part mix. Oh man!! Never again! Perhaps it was cause we used a mix for it, but seriously! How do people drink this?! It's like drinking ocean water!!
Chocolate Martini: 2-part vodka, 2-part mix. HEAVEN! If you like chocolate milk and like getting drunk... Goodness, this is the drink for you.

We had Gin too, but after all the vodka excitement I decided to not try any Gin-induced martinis. So I just had a few Gin and Capri-Suns. hehe. Tastey.

I think we'll have another grand alcoholic-themed soiree, except with people this time. I felt like an alcoholic even though it was technically Memorial Day weekend.

And little tip: Never drink and watch Hostel. Inappropriate.

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