Monday, May 15, 2006


As a distraction from my insanity (long story short: lost the summer job I was going to get... those bastards!) I've taken up my photoshop addiction right where I left off.

I'm practicing my retouching skillz. For this particlar project, I used a pic of my sis cause she's easier than trying to retouch up someone ugly. I'm very detail oriented, so if I tried to explain everything I did it would just blow your mind. So here's the side by side comparison.

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If I majored in Graphic Art, I wouldn't have to worry about some crappy summer job! Well I wouldn't be worried, BUT I wouldn't have a social life....

so... yeah.

When I showed my sis what I did her first words were "Damn! My nose is huge!! Couldn't you have done something to shrink it or something?!"

and replied "If I could do that, I would be the Mariah Carey's personal graphic artist, make her look like the SHIT, and be totally rich!!"

"Are you equating my witch-nose with Moo-riah's jelly rolls?!" she asked.

"no... umm, your nose isn't witch-like... that's just the angle you took the picture."

"nice save." she said.

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