Thursday, May 04, 2006

Idol results - May 3, 2006

And to no one's surprise, Paris Bennett, the 17 year old jazzy with the famous grandmother idol contestant, is voted out. Why are we not feelin' the Paris? I mean, she does have an amazing set of pipes on her. She's not arrogant or anything like that. So if it's not her personality and not her singing ability, what is it that America doesn't like about Paris?

Well, I'll let you folks in on why, but it's not pretty. You may be shocked and appauled on the obviousness, yet superficial reason why we all don't like Paris....

Umm, how can I articulate this in a good way?... Although she does have an awesome voice, I mean I don't think anyone has ever meant the popular saying "I can't believe that big voice came out of such a small cutesy-voiced body!" seriously until Paris came along. So that's good, right? Anyways, she sucks at dressing herself.

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Night after night of bad fashion crimes. Makes you wanna gouge your eyes out, right? And I don't think people like doing that all the time. We needed a break from Paris. Perhaps when she has her own stylist [preferably not one chosen by her], she'll be more appealing.
Now I know what some of you people are saying... "WAIT! In one of those pictures Paris is wearing a very similar yellow dress that Katharine wore... and everyone LOVED that dress. So why are you hating on Paris when she wears it."

So it comes to this. The battle of the yellow dresses is on! Katharine versus Paris!
dun, dun, dunnnn!
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Well maybe it's not that dramatic. You can easily see why Katharine wins hands down. Any article of clothing that can show off your ability to hold a mic stand upright with your powerful boobs is awesome by definition.

hehe, look Ma.. no hands!

and that is why Katharine rules.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what? As crucial as this was, for once tonight I sort of laughed at the situation. All night I had been so mad about Paris being voted off but when I saw this site, it kind of brought a smile to my face, especially the yellow dress comparison. Thanks for the laugh; I can go to sleep peacefully.

12:58 AM  
Blogger frank said...


Humor is a good coping mechanism.

PS. I didn't pay this person to say that! Jason! I can sense your thoughts!

1:27 AM  
Blogger Davenna said...

Yeah...we already have two black American Idols so I guess another white one would be ok. Its a balancing thing...haha but I love the Yellow dress comparison. Paris cant dress herself...its her young age. I really have not kept up with American Idol since my sister got voted off...poor Lisa!! Good Blog Frank!! Sorry about my tipsy message...too much goldshlauger...haha PEACE!!

1:14 AM  

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