Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the good, the bad and the diva-esque

Oh man, American Idol was very "ooh" and "ahh" and "what the hell?!!" tonight. I'll do a review later, I just have to pimp my girl, Katharine McPhee.
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There were 2 songs tonight. Extra drama, I'd say was added to the mix. Is Fox trying to kill us Idol fanatics?! One song was from the year that they were born, and the other was from the Billboard Top 10.

And of course all the spoilers on the internets were right. Geez, it's not even a mystery anymore by the time Tuesday comes by. The McPheever sang Against All Odds and Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.

When I learned that Katharine had to sing a song from her birth year, I was like "I reeeeallly hope she doesn't do Against all Odds... but what happened? She does it!!
Ugh! It's so predictable! Anyways, naturally Katharine stunk up the place with her rendition of the song. I felt sad. How will she ever redeem herself?

Then she sings Black Horse and the Cherry Tree!! The song already has an awesome beat... then you add Katharine's sexy sultry voice to that mix... WOOT! She was on fire. She was on her knees [ahem] without shoes on and gyrating [gulp!] around. She managed to out sex it from last week! I totally thought there was going to be a chain with a bucket of water attached for Kat to spill water all over herself with. [had a Flash Dance moment there][double gulp]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Anywho so even though she sucked it up [as we all knew she would] on Against All Odds, she pulled another great performance out of thin air for her second song. I really hope she makes it through. It's all up in the air now. Who am I going to root for if she gets the boot? Save her McPheever patients!

PS. Oh man, did anyone see Paris Bennett that night? She was wearing an army shirt, metallic pants with a bright red belt!! She needs to be shot. Perhaps she making a political statement? Paris is FOR SENDING OUR TROOPS TO SPACE!

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