Wednesday, April 26, 2006

McPheever update

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Okay so since I recieved like a bijillion hits today and yesterday since I posted about Katharine McPhee, I feel like I should make it a habit. hehe.

Let's break it down into catagorizable sections.

  • The Song
    The McPhev sang "I Have Nothing," which was made popular by the now crack-ly infamous Whitney Houston. What a huge song to sing. She might as well sang "I Will Always Love You"... seriously... this was an incredibly hard song to take on. When the McPhev sang Christina Aguilera's "The Voice Within" she sucked, so I don't know why she chose this one too. When I heard she was going this, I was like WTF?! you're crazy McPhee!!

  • The Outfit
    Just as important was the fashion of this night. Wow.
    You know for someone who is so scrutinized by the way she looks, you'd think she would never go the way she did Tuesday night. I think Ricky said it best when he said he was distracted by thoughts of wanting to peel that dress off like a banana. And I think he's a big 'mo too.
    There is also talk that the songstress had a waldrobe malfunction, but I have looked at screencaps claiming this and I haven't seen anything... yet.

  • The Performance
    Oh my gawd, seriously you guys! She was smoking! She was all over the stage. There was some serious hair tossing going on. I'm pretty sure she had an orgasm... like 80% sure.

  • The Judge's comments
    Okay so they called her on the song choice. Big whoop there.
    She was off-pitch at times. sure... like I'd trust Paula Abdul's ear. It's probably filled with botox.
    I just think that the judge's wanted to "put her in her place" with all the over the top comments. They know that she's a superstar already. Hello, I'm blogging about her. That's when you know you're awesome... if Frank mentions you.

  • The Incessant Voting
    I voted more than once. teehee. I made the roomie vote too. I have him hooked. He pretends that he doesn't care, but he totally does. Muhahaha!

  • The Predictions
    I think she'll be in the bottom 3 with Paris and Kellie. Paris will go home. DialIdol is always dead on.

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