Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Media Tuesday

Image hosting by Photobucket It's Tuesday already?! Wow. At least these days keep me on my toes about blogging. heh. Anyways, here's a cool episode of SouthPark.

There's alot of people that hate SouthPark. I guess it's the vularity of it all. But I think it teaches alot too. They say that you can find any Psychological theory in at least one episode of The Simpsons, and SouthPark has alot of social issues too!!

Here's an awesome one about how the kids deal with action and violence in cartoons and how they apply and interpret them in their own lives. SouthPark

On a side note, being that it is Media Tuesday... ugh! Platonic Roommate Jason made me watch Twist, a movie based off some Oliver Twist book. Oh geez, Jason! You are a sick, sick man! Imagine instead of the characters being pick-pockets, they were male hustlers. And the one character, I liked dies. ugh. Poor, poor Nancy! Anyways, I did have that Nick Stahl in it... ugh.

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