Monday, April 17, 2006

It's a Girl's World

Image hosting by Photobucket Did you guys ever notice that girls get whatever they want? Like, for reals. (I never say "Like, for reals" but I just thought since this is a serious situation, I would use it to engage you people more... it is working?)

Oh crap!

I guess I never really paid attention to that concept. I mean, you hear it on Jerry Springer 24/7. A girl comes on the show with her mom to talk about all these gifts she's getting from these strange men and how she says she doesn't DO anything to get them.

And we all think, "whateva!... that girl's a slut!"

poor, poor little slut girl. We didn't listen to you. But yeah, maybe if you weren't a part-time coked up whore, we might humor you at least.

Anyways, now I know better after spending some time with my Sis. You know her, right? She's that girl who comes by my apartment at least 2x a week to use my awesome internets. The one who's too pretty to be related to me? Yeah her.

Oh crap! She like has the hookup to like a bunch of things. She can cut in line everywhere and no one would care. She can be like "Do you think you can just give this to me for free?" or "Can I get a beer, my IDs in the car"

That kind of thing doesn't happen to guys. I don't care how pretty you are.

So we (the Sis and I) went to TNT Sports Page. It's some sport's bar in Carrolton or some crap like that. We were on the only Hispanics there. I think there was one more Hispanic... but he could of been the cook on break. All white bar. All white country bar. All white country bar with a live band called Odessa playing. SERIOUSLY. Totally out of my element. Hell.. I could barely laugh at the college kids trying to impress their dates by dancing homosexually. It was madness.
It was a 21 and up club, with a drink minimum, old people, a group of over the hill country lesbians sitting at the table next to us, and my Sis' coworkers & boss there. I knew there would be wacky hijinks soon.

so there I was.

Watching half of my Sis' coworkers on the bar participating in a Wet Tshirt contest. My sis was somewhere in the crowd; I didn't care as long as she wasn't on the stage. I turn my head to the left and noticed I was standing next to the participate's boss.

How awkward would it be to have your boss watch you win a wet Tshirt contest? seriously?

Anyways... lesson learned:

Although girls can get what they want in this society, it doesn't stop people from thinking you dance on bars while your boss watches in your freetime.

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