Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Catholic School Stories

Why is it that people who make fun of weaker people always go after their own insecurities?


Anyways I'm starting to think that one of my coworkers is scared of his feminine side. Seriously, what's the only reason a bully makes fun of kids with [i]faerie[/i] tendencies? I never thought of him that way. He does have the hair of a nancy boy. It's naturally curly, so he decided to grow it out to release the inner-curl. How gay it that?!

Like I care either way. I just can't stand a practically grown man making fun of an obviously princess in training pre-K kid. [And before we have the "OMG, he's too young. How do you know? Whateva!" debate, I just wanna point out something. He enjoys playing with CareBear plush toys.. AND he knows the theme song to the 20 year old CareBear series... Now... you know that one point he had to go to his parents and say "I want you to buy me the CareBears Dvd-boxed set!" Now that's gayer than Barbie.]
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Yeah, so I have issues with it all.

He also picked on a 1st grader. Ugh.
So the kid wanted him to make a paper airplane. The coworker [Let's just call him Homer] decided to make a deal with the youngster. He says, "I'll make you an airplane if you do this.." So the next thing I know the kid is in front of us saying "I like to go to the Lizzie Maguire website and play the Lizzie Maguire manicure game."

Now... I am in charge of getting these kids on their website of choice. So I know this website... so why don't you people be the judge...

behold, the web game he plays.

This is seriously messed up.

Anyways, I think I'm going to retaliate somehow. I'm sort of smart, right? I hate to see the little future queerlings get hate crime'D so early in life.

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