Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Sims 2

So as you kids know, Frank bought the Sims 2!! I am so excited. And of course the roommate Jason had to get it too.

I thought it would be fun to update you guys on the various Sim family scenerios that I create. I'll try to do this like weekly with pictures and whatnot. Not this week though... teehee.
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The game is very interesting and alot more intricate than its initial version. There's more options with lineage, goal aspirations, fears and such. It makes the game 10 times as addicting. And of course there's still a money cheat [thank God] cause seriously, I have never played a Sim game without one. So I've made a few families so far, just to fill the neighorhood up a bit.

I've made a family with some American Idol people in it. And naturally Ryan Seacrest is the effeminate Dad figure. Chris Daughtry is the slacker-drunkard uncle. Katharine McPhee and Paris Bennett are the sassy dressed teenagers. It's a family of love and wacky hijinks!

Another family is the Longoria Family. I wanted to have a family that was simple enough for me to practice with. I was so overwhelmed at first with the Sims2. So I just made Eva Longoria and a daughter Katharine McPhee [yeah, I'm obsessed]. So far Eva Longoria is falling in love with a gay character from another family I made. She's so scandalous! And Kat is having trouble with finishing her homework on time for school. I don't think Kat and school mix... especially since her main aspiration is to be popular!! So not only is Kat probably failing, when I invited her headmaster over for dinner to smooze he threw up after he ate some of Eva Longoria's cooking! I don't think this family is going to turn out well.

My last family I made is a little more advanced than the others. It's two married guys with a daugther. Tom, Chris and Adriana make up the Welling Family! [As pictured above] If you didn't guess, they are actual people. Tom Welling, Chris Evans - Welling [teehee] and Adriana [Lima] Welling. This family actually works well together. Tom's aspirations are for family. Chris is romance. So all I have to do is have Tom take care of Adriana and while she's sleeping have the sex with Chris Evans. It's a family system that works. Recently Adriana metamorphisized from a SimBaby to a SimKid!! Congrats to her!

This game is consuming my whole life. I love it. Who wants to go outside into civilization anyways? It's hot outside!! Whateva!

[more pics on next update]

Oh man, when I get really good at this game I'm gonna make the Sims from the HBO TV show, Big Love!! Polygamy and all!

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