Friday, June 16, 2006

Nothing is ever for free

So yea, after I took a shower the other day I decided to comb my hair forward and was shocked by the hair. It was just over the tip of my nose. I went insane! I didn't really notice that my hair was getting that long. I mean, I knew it was shaggy but not like that. I guess my awesome hair styling skillz covered up the fact that I was turning into Cousin It.
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Coincidentally my sister called me and ask if I was interested in getting a free haircut.

WOW. What luck!

There I was, thinking about getting a haircut, and what do ya know... a free haircut falls right into my lap. So I go there. It's a place in Addison called KnockOuts. It tailors to buisnessmen on the go who like sports and getting haircuts by sexly-dressed women with scissors. They offer you a beer as you walk in and then you can flirt with some random girl [that has three kids, but you would never know it!] for your lunchbreak. It's a real classy joint. The Sis is the receptionist.
When I get there, the Sis asks if she failed to mention that it's free cause they are breaking in a "new girl"... I think "you bitch!"

Now let me share something about my childhood and haircuts. I have hard hair to cut. I have lots of cowlicks and very thick hair. All of the people who have cut my hair have no problems telling me this fact. This is why I don't get haircuts too often... all the hair trauma.

And of course, this experience was destined to follow suit. This leads me to
"Things you Don't want to hear/see from someone who is cutting your hair:"
1) They don't teach you how to cut men's hair in school!
2) You hear a more experienced stylist whisper something into the ear of your stylist and then she gasps.
3) Stylist scratches her head.
4) Stylist asks you repeatedly "You're gonna hate me!"
5) she offers me another beer. [trying to get me drunk!!]
6) While the experienced stylist has started staring at what she is doing, she says "I totally get nervous when she does that"...

then I say "me too"

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Anyways, afterwards I like it. I was surprised too. I really like it. I'm traumatized for life [again] but I like it.

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