Friday, June 09, 2006

Robot Frank!

This past week has seriously been the week of "Fake Frank"... well maybe not totally fake but more "Nicely Packaged for the Masses Frank"

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting This week, I have gone on a total of four big interviews. Now, as you guys know, I don't usually do interviews well for various reasons such as

a) Appearance: I look like a hippie.
b) Speech: I studder under pressure.
c) Semantics: I'm one of those people who purposefully uses SAT words in interview banter... but it sounds like I just read it from the dictionary like 3 seconds before.
d) Conversation: I usually go off odd tangents, and when I catch myself doing this, I'm not all too subtle on trying to get back on topic.

But I have to say, these round of interviews went surprisingly great. I think it has to do with the fact that I have learned that I just cannot be myself at all. I have to be this separate entity that is floating above my body controlling every move that my physical body is making. It's like I'm the wizard behind the curtain.

Perhaps I should of went to "interviewing classes" or whatever because people tend to know this already. I've received numerous "duh, Frank" responses when I talk to people about my new revelation.

I'm like a Robot on interviews now.

But it takes more than just being a robot of course. I can't be all "I-am-Frank! Compute!" I have to be a robot that is like trying to be human... like artificial intelligence. I have to be Hailey Joel Osment, but like a grown up looking for employment. I have to be fake, but life-like.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Anyways, I'm finally all done interviewing for Carrollton-Farmers Branch and I'm hopeful. Out of the four interviews, three went fabulously. The first one doesn't count, right? It's not like it went horrible... but during the interview.. I just didn't feel like I really want that job... and by the end of it.. I completely knew that I didn't want it. If they were to call me back, I would tell them I would think about it and wait for better offers.

Yeah, so CFBISD works efficiently [as do all district, so I'm told] All the applications are sent to personnel. Personnel sends applications to schools in need. Schools interview applicants. School sends reccommendations to personnel. Personnel calls to offer job to applicant.

Now, at least my first "crappy job" interview wasn't for CFBISD. It was a private school. SWEET! So all my good interviews for the jobs I liked came from the same place! But let's look at those three jobs closer:

Job #1
PROS: It is the grade level [elementary] I wanted, I met the teacher I'm working with and she's cool, it's a job where they actually need me, the school is pretty, and has a diverse student body.
CONS: It's far away!! I think I can get there everyday, but it's not going to be an easy thing.

PROS: It's the grade level I wanted, locale is excellent, I know I would never be bored in this job, interview went brillantly, loved history of school.
CONS: It's an alternative school, school looks ugly, [although I do like working with kids with behavioral problems] it is a WHOLE school filled with them!! I like a school with diversity.

PROS: school's pretty, good locale, diverse student body, excellent interview, Kids that need me, met the teacher I'd be paired with.
CONS: It's for middle school.

It's hard to decide which one I like the most. I guess I don't want to decide, because you never know which job you might actually get. I want to start one of these jobs with an open mind and a positive outlook.

I'm sooo excited. Wish me luck!

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