Monday, June 19, 2006


So it's in middle of the afternoon and I'm slowly realizing that I'm just a bum. ugh.

This is not my incredible life. I'm feeling just a little less than awesome, which for me is huge. I run some errands. I go to the bank; I go to Blockbuster; I go fill out some applications. I'm starving so I go to Target [closest to my apartment] for some impulse food items. Those damn Target people, soo crafty. I get some Diet Vanilla Dr Peppers, and I find some pizza rolls on sale.

The day was starting to look up.

I've been hearing about this Lifetime movie, so I look it up on the internets. It's on tonight. woot. What else am I going to watch on a Monday night? Then I notice that this other movie is on. I watch the movie.
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Oh man, am I getting sucked into the Lifetime movie vaccum?! The movies are so completely outregeous. They not only show the obvious; they end with worst case scenerios. Filled with campy cheese and every mother's worst fears all at the same time!
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The one I just watched is about a teen that is obsessed with internet porn. By the end of the movie you start to equate porn addiction and heroin use. The parents freak and want him to go to therapy. The teen gets beaten up by hooligans and tries to commit suicide. In the last scene he realizes that he does have a problem and runs home to hugs his mom.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a job hippie!

this is Jim

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